CIEC & Partnership Improves Education Agent transparency via Academic & Student Reviews

CIEC & Partnership Improves Education Agent transparency via Academic & Student Reviews

The Canada India Education Council (CIEC) and today announced a strategic alliance to bring transparency, integrity and accountability to the student recruitment market and enable Canadian colleges & universities, as well as students, to connect with reputable education agents via peer [academic] & student reviews of education agencies. 

As part of its CARE Initiative (Canadian Academic Advisors Representing Excellence), CIEC conducts academic reference checks and now publicizes the CARE Agents’ average score in key areas on the CIEC website.  This allows academic institutions across Canada the means to conduct peer-reviews of education agents and solidifies CARE Agents’ commitment to ethical and quality student recruitment. is a new website providing student reviews of education agents as well as a listing of the institutions they represent, the professional bodies they belong to, and the industry qualifications that they hold. 

 “Both CIEC, through its CARE program, and share very similar goals – we want to improve the quality and transparency of the services provided by education agents. It made perfect sense to team up.” said XXX of 

“By accessing academic and student reviews, education agents and students can accurately gauge CARE agents’ professionalism, ethical standards, and knowledge of the Canadian education system,” CIEC’s CEO Husain Neemuchwala said.  

“We are excited about the partnership with because it gives our CARE Agents (Agent Members) a way to promote their business and CARE membership more widely. It also benefits our Academic Members and other academic institutions across Canada.” 

Visitors to – whether students or educational institutions – can easily search CARE Agents from the home page. Simply click on Browse by Professional Body, and then CARE., together with its partner sites, has a network of over 2,500 education agents and 1,200 colleges and schools all over the world.  Agents, colleges and schools can register a free trial account – click here to get started

Visitors to can view a listing of CARE Agents and learn more about the simple & inclusive CARE process (CIEC Agent Membership – Enjoy a free pre-screening).  Each agent profile displays the agent’s academic peer review scores and contains a link to their profile for student review scores, qualifications, and other information. CIEC is an independent national, non-partisan, event-driven organization operating within the Canada-India education corridor. CIEC enhances ties and creates opportunities for academic institutions and learners from both countries.

Pearson PTE Testing a New CIEC Academic Member

Pearson PTE Testing a New CIEC Academic Member

CIEC Welcomes Pearson PTE Testing to our Academic Membership Ranks… 

‘I am looking forward to working with the Council promoting our services to CARE Agents & establishing linkages with academic stakeholders,’ Marcie Mealia, Client Relationship Manager Canada, PTE Academic. Contact: [email protected].

The Pearson Test of Academic English, is a widely recognized English Language Proficiency Test, which can be scheduled up to 48 hours in advance and students most often receive their scores within 24 hours, allowing for a quicker turnaround of student applications for college and university acceptance. Learn more…

CIEC accepting CARE applications

CIEC accepting CARE applications

CARE agents enjoy many benefits.  CIEC invites you to visit our website for a detailed overview of the CARE process and benefits.

Benefits include:

  • Use of the CARE logo, CARE certificate, and goodwill of the CIEC brand
  • Use of Toronto ‘Rep’ Office
  • Access to training provided by Department of Foreign Affiars (DFAIT) & attend CIEC webinars
  • Online exposure on our website & social media outlets and regular mentions in our email campaigns and ‘Disha’ newsletter, distributed to over 19 000 key education stakeholders in both countries
  • Reduced registration fee to our annual Synergy networking event and one-night FREE stay in Toronto
  • Student airport pickup (coming soon)
  • Grow your network while becoming part of an established network & gain recognition amongst Canadian Colleges & Universities
  • Membership fees range from $1500 to $2500 for a 3 year period and the approval process takes between 4 to 6 months.  If you have any questions or comments, please direct them to [email protected].

We look forward to working with you in growing your brand while promoting ethical student recruitment in the burgeoning Canada-India education corridor.

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Canada to Launch New CARE for Indians

Charu Sudan Kasturi, Hindustan Times New Delhi, February 16, 2011

Thousands of Indian students applying to Canadian universities may no longer run the risk of a Tri-Valley University (TVU) repeat under a unique plan aimed at students concerned after recent instances of fraud abroad. The Canada India Education Council (CIEC), which coordinates educational ties between the two countries, plans to launch CARE, an agent certification process, this July ahead of the Fall 2011 academic session. Around 12,000 Indian students are currently studying in Canada.

Senior Canadian government officials have told HT that the Federal government is backing the initiative that it hopes will help Canada emerge an alternate destination for Indian students seeking to study abroad.

“Students in India are worried about studying abroad after the TVU scam and the recent instances of fraud and race attacks in Australia. We believe that if we pitch Canada appropriately, we can show Indian students that our country is a very attractive alternative,” a senior Canadian official said.

The CARE process will allow Indian students keen on studying in Canada to ensure that education agents are certified, CIEC Executive Director Husain F Neemuchwala said.

The CIEC-modeled on the lines of the United States India Education Foundation (USIEF)- is particularly critical for Indo-Canadian ties because Canada does not have a federal education department. Education is managed by each Province. The CIEC is an NGO, but is supported by the Canadian Government.

But Canada is keenly pushing its education as a major source of revenue- to be earned from foreign students. India at present falls behind China, the US, Mexico and a handful of other countries in the number of students it sends to Canada.

Agent certification launched in India: CIEC


The Canada India Education Council (CIEC) has launched a certification programme that recognises quality and ethical practice among education agents involved in Canada-India exchange.

Indian Canadian Advisors Representing Excellence (CARE) is the only bespoke certification system of its kind and aims to establish rules on agent practice; increase accountability; and make it easier for Indian agents to find Canadian universities and colleges appropriate for their students through its membership database.

CEO of CIEC, Husain F. Neemuchwala, said: ”The time couldn’t be better with the tremendous activity back and forth in the Canada-India corridor over the past two or three years. While we have done a lot of good work promoting the corridor, much work still needs to be done to make sure we reach full potential.”

The certification process, aimed to certify agencies working with Canadian institutions, places high emphasis on transparency, requires agents to be upfront about hidden fees and consistent in how they represent themselves to students.

Agents are reported to have reacted positively to the system since launch, with 60 already hoping for certification once pilot tests are finished. However, Neemuchwala emphasises that CIEC is not aiming for rapid growth.

“Quality over quantity is the premise on which CARE was created. If not colleges and universities can Google [search] and look up agents themselves. The whole idea is to create a smaller number of validated and certified agents that we can stand behind,” he said.

CARE also promises institutions a streamlined recruitment process, greater exposure to the best of the Indian agency market, and information on student trends. Neemuchwala said, “As CARE gets more momentum, things will improve not just for specific colleges and university members but the industry in general. There are people who don’t like to use agents but this might change their minds.

“And for people who generally use agents but aren’t happy with their services, this might open doors to other options for them.”

The certification process takes between four to six months to complete and certification lasts two years. In that time agents can use the CARE promotional materials, will be listed on the CIEC website, and will gain greater access to CIEC member universities and colleges among other benefits.

Founded in 2010, CIEC is an event-driven, membership organisation. CARE is open to CIEC agent members at no cost and for a fee to non-members. The extent of non-member access to the comprehensive agent listings is yet to be determined.

Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants

jupJupiter Study Abroad Consultants now one of North India’s reputable international education consultancies. Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants has been helping Indian students to study abroad for over 13 years. Since 2001 we have established ourselves as reliable providers of education and career counseling services, while placing several hundred students in accredited colleges and universities around the world. We have PIER qualified counselors in our office. We offer students the choice of Universities, TAFE colleges and private college throughout Australia. Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants are a member of The Association of Australian Government making Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants one of the few agents in India who has e-Visa lodgment authority in the past.