The objectives of the Council are:

  • To promote education ties between Canada and India, including but not limited to increasing recruiting opportunities, affiliations, partnerships, joint ventures & programming, organizing trade delegations and other areas of collaboration and facilitating off-shore educational options.
  • To be able to offer advice to Governments with respect to policies and programs affecting Canada’s relations with India in the education sector and to serve as a forum for exchange of information and views between education providers, academics and associates from the education sector of Canada and India on issues of importance to both countries.
  • To provide information and advice to institutions from both countries with respect to trade and investment matters in either country and to conduct programs and carry out research designed to promote trade, investment & economic relations in education between Canada and India.
  • To improve conditions for Canadian education institutions in India and Indian institutions in Canada conducting or wishing to conduct academic linkages and exchange programs, and to organize targeted and timely seminars by alumni associations to inform potential students about the merits of an education or exchange program in either country.
  • To regularly organize Indian Counsellor tours that would give the counsellors an opportunity to attend key seminars in Canada and meet Canadian Institutions to familiarize themselves with Canadian education. The Canadian Institutions will benefit by receiving brand recognition amongst key academic influencers and from important ‘buying committee’ members.
  • To mobilize resources and assets online via the Internet using social networking tools to foster an awareness and the development of an ‘academic community’ for sharing of information between academia, students, agents, high school counsellors and other like minded groups to ‘connect’ with each other.
  • To create a ‘clearing house’ of information and develop a highly potent and interactive database that can be utilized within the academic community to benefit users in both countries and update users of key events and activities which may be of interest.
  • To deliver value by personally visiting and/or meeting every member Institution at least once a year to share sector updates, discuss membership benefits, solicit feedback and share potential opportunities.

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