Welcome to the Canada India Education Council

CIEC is an independent national, non-partisan, membership based, event driven organization established to operate exclusively within the burgeoning Canada-India education corridor. CIEC enhances ties and creates opportunities for academic institutions and learners from both countries.

Indian student interest in post-secondary education is increasing at the same time as Canadian community Colleges and Universities are seeking greater internationalization and showing a keen interest in India. The time is therefore right to forge closer links between Canadian institutions and their Indian counterparts, both in the area of student recruitment and also in forging partnerships, affiliations, joint programming and facilitating an exchange of faculty & scholars.

CIEC provides a solid basis for increased cooperation between Canadian and Indian education institutions and furthers the internationalization of Canada’s education sector. The Council builds on past successes of synergistic models and adds structure to loosely formed alliances & intermittent Provincial and Federal initiatives in its engagement with India.

Since our creation, CIEC has gradually evolved into a valuable bridge between Canada & India and is the “go to” organization for Canada-India academic relations. CIEC is one of only a few organizations offering critical on the ground presence in both countries and helps institutions position themselves advantageously in an increasingly competitive environment.  CIEC combines corporate governance with the benefits of a public-private partnership balanced with an entrepreneurial methodology to remain independent yet financially sustainable.

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