Events – Networking / Recruiting / Education Delegations

CIEC hosts numerous networking events, including networking & recruiting events and education delegations. CIEC members enjoy discounted or exclusive access to our events. Some of our most popular events are described below. Click here for a complete list of past events.

  • Upcoming event: ‘Synergy in Education’ Conference: 2019. Dates to be announced soon.
  • Annual ‘Synergy in Education’ Conference (2007 – 2016)
  • ‘Big-Mission / Ed-Mission’ – Senior Executive-Level Delegation visiting strategic education centers in India (2011, 2010, 2008) 

MoU Fulfillment for Higher Education in Canada & India

For many years CIEC has been working to bring academics & institutions from Canada & India together to facilitate professional development initiatives, faculty and student exchanges amongst other meaningful engagements that create lasting, fruitful networks and stimulate dialogue within this key ‘education corridor’.

However, we know the pathways to realizing these projects and exchanges can be strewn with obstacles. CIEC can now help you directly with these difficulties. In collaboration with an education expert, Dr. Sabrina Faust Zúñiga, we can help you surmount some of these obstacles by clearing the path to give shape to your plans and endeavors.

Whether you have reached the stage of having a signed MoU or are finalizing an idea, Dr. Zúñiga can help you make it happen and also make sure that student learning and adult learning is realized and valued throughout your project or initiative.  By lending a hand, CIEC can assist with MoU fulfillment (or creation) and re-focus your efforts on what you do best and have CIEC play a supporting role as part of your ‘team’ 

Contact CIEC with your request/idea and get started fulfilling your MoU goals and objectives.

CIEC Newsletter (Disha)

CIEC’s monthly newsletter, ‘Disha News’, is distributed to over 18,000 education stakeholders, including Canadian & Indian government officials, Colleges and Universities, education insiders and education agents. It is also archived on the CIEC website. CIEC’s goal is to inform readers of key developments & member activities in the Canada-India education corridor. CIEC Members enjoy plenty of ‘marketing opportunities’ via links, logos and advertising spots in our newsletter and targeted email campaigns. In addition, members can submit up to three activities or events per month (recruiting trips/travelling delegates, new programs/start dates, job postings) for inclusion in Disha’s ‘Marketplace’ & as well as upcoming events page.

Click here to read Disha.  To submit an article / become a Disha Contributor, please email [email protected].


CIEC academic members will be only those accredited academic institutions and/or members of national bodies in either country to ensure the highest level of integrity and transparency in quality. Education Consultants/Agents/Counsellors may apply to become Agent Members (CARE).

Benefits of Membership
Benefits of Agent Membership (CARE)

CIEC Website and Social Networking Sites

CIEC provides exposure for its members by featuring profiles of all Academic, Corporate & Agent Members and member activities/ events on our website, targeted email campaigns, and social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter. CIEC continuously strives to build an online community, further fostering brand awareness and remains the hub of activity in the Canada-India education sector.

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CIEC’s International Student Forum:

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CARE – Education Agents Recruiting Students to Canadian Institutions

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Student Advisory Forum

CIEC actively engages the international student community via our ‘CIEC’s International Student Forum’ Facebook group. Designed to connect current, potential students and alumni with education insiders such as admissions officers, professors, recruiters, guidance counsellors and other students, the Discussion pages and various threads allows students to voice their concerns and make informed decisions about their education options. CARE Agent Members are active on this forum and have established themselves as caring education counsellors to a large audience of students and education providers. All questions and answers will be archived on our Student website pages for future viewing.

Email Campaigns

CIEC regularly updates our database, currently containing over 18 000 key contacts. Our strong distribution list allows us to reach key stakeholders and thought leaders among institutions, governments and businesses. CIEC promotes its members’ activities & events are through our monthly Disha eNewsletter and targeted email campaigns.

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