One on One Webinar: Open Forum

This discussion will be a unique way to engage each other as we share best practices, reflect on the past year and prepare for the future. Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts as we collaboratively work our way out of this pandemic. Topics open for discussion include:

  • International student intake
  • Visa issuance
  • On-campus vs. online learning
  • Questions from attendees

Ahead Abroad




Timiliyawad Rd





Phone: 8306812300

Email: [email protected]



Ahead Abroad empowers students through innovative and responsible travel experiences to positively impact lives and communities around the world. Ahead was founded on the principle of pushing boundaries – of exploring and engaging with others in the far corners of the world. We were founded to break the norms of student travel, to create experiences that give our students a greater understanding of the world, and to play a role in building a more unified global community.

This venture has caused many ripples as this would be the first non-profit making public trust to take such an initiative in Surat. This concept has evolved with a mission to bring in the nuances from national to global available in benefit to all the students. The sole motive of Ahead Abroad is to enhance the career path of not only the students’ of Jeevanbharati, but also other students in various schools.


What’s so appealing or new?

To build a global bridge, we have undertaken the challenge to eradicate the very basic issue- ENGLISH! This is possible if every academic organization accepts the Language Assessment pattern right from its roots.

Pearson Test of English – Youth Learners (PTE-YL) and Pearson Test of English – G (PTE-G). Just like in any school, a gradual growth from pre-school to university; a step by step, level-wise English language training and assessment is provided by Ahead, starting from Pre-Firstwords to Level C2.

We just don’t stop here! Furthermore, for professionals and corporate, we have a specialized training and assessment authorized by ‘London Chamber of Commerce & Industry – LCCI.’ For courses; such as English for Business, English for Tourism, Practical Business English, Certificate for Teaching English as a foreign language [CertTEFL] and many more.

These are just a few of our unique features in the training segment, but as mentioned earlier, it’s just a bridge to overcome the first step. Once achieved, a plethora of opportunities awaits you. And how is that? It’s simple! Career path has to be pre-planned or needs to possess a proactive approach. You have to start early. Once you’ve accumulated various language assessments at a primary level, it’s easy to score in international exams like: IELTS, PTE-A, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT etc. as you are not new to the language or its accent and its lexical set too.


Why should one enrol just for English?

It’s a skill! Haven’t you heard that a good orator becomes a great leader? A perfect example of this is none other than our honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. He may not speak in English, but he does support the idea of learning it. You stand apart when you speak affluent English. You can perform well in your classroom, various competitions, etc. It charms, fascinates and redeems all the efforts you once put into getting educated in a English Medium School. but where are all the skills? They are acquired when you have acquired all the four skills together: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Ahead will definitely take you ahead with its level-wise learning structure.


Where can one go with this?

The world is your playground! You can spread your wings and travel across the world to reap the benefits. Countries like America/Australia/Canada/United Kingdom/New Zealand offer many disciplines which may not be much offered in India, but only with a sound score of the exams mentioned above. Students with good academic and sound background usually opt to study abroad as their future may have a wider scope and a more structured path. With easily available loans for study abroad students, it is not that difficult anymore.


What if one looks for specialized courses abroad?

All types of courses are available in the countries mentioned above, but they are either heavy on the budget or difficult to get in. Even if all is well, acquiring a visa is a task. Courses like Automobile, Engineering, IT, Nursing, BDS, MBBS, Hospitality and MBA are offered at an economical expense to international students in countries like Germany, Georgia, Slovenia and Austria. One just needs to explore them.


What if one doesn’t want to study abroad?

Ahead has a unique program to offer to students who only wish to expose themselves to multi-culture and not study abroad. This can happen with our ‘Rustic Pathway Programs’ which introduce candidates to Wildlife, Environmental, and Community service based projects available for 2 or more weeks in almost all countries. There is a motive driven trip in which one comes close to nature, people and also culture.

British Counselling & Educational Services

bcesBritish Counselling & Educational Services (BCES) founded in 1997, specialises in assisting students and parents comprehensively on study abroad need. The directors have 18 years of substantial experience in the study abroad domain. A one stop solution comprises all services right from the counseling, selecting the right course/institute, admission, scholarship, and visa assistance, BCES is helping the students to build their best future career prospects in the leading universities /colleges of the USA, Australia,Canada, New Zealand, UK, Switzerland, Malaysia, Singapore, and Cyprus to name a few. We have been the Preferred partners, followed by the Trusted Partners of the British High Commission.

Divya Joseph’s Consulting Group

djiec-logoDivya Joseph’s Consulting Group Pvt Ltd, is a leading overseas education consultant, with its reputation spanning across India. Within a short span of over 8 years, it has solid reputation of being one of the most reliable educational agencies, and is well known for its successful authenticity and professionalism. The vast variety of services at Divya Joseph’s, is not restricted to detailed information about the universities, visa guidance but also support services to students even after reaching their study destination. Our credentials: AAERI, Certified UK agents, PIER Qualified Education Agent Counselor.

We recruit students to Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Canada & Singapore.

Easyway Consultancy


SCO 47-48, 2nd Floor
Sector – 17C
Phone: +91 78148 90000


Easyway Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is an organization engaged in promoting various colleges and universities all across the globe. We recruit almost 1000 students every year to all countries from India and Nepal. We are a registered immigration firm and have all rights in India. Moreover, we have a wide network of agents in different parts of India as well as in Nepal. Nowadays with good fortune, our company has a team of 15 members in the staff along with best experience in overseas education.

Our services also include international tourism, air ticketing, career counseling and keeping the hold on a great success rate in the market. We also have an institute of IELTS, Spoken English, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL and PTE.

Regarding countries represented, we are in tie-ups with numerous renowned institutes in the United States of America, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Republic of Ireland, Singapore and South Korea.


EduWorldEduWorld works to help students hoping to study aborad through every step of the way—from choosing programs and schools to planning viasas and funding. The agency was formed by two individuals who studied abroad themselves and, due to this, the agency prides themselves on their sensitivity to students’ needs, supplying accurate and complete information to their customers. They work hard to provide the best service possible.

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Global Guide

GlobalGuideAs one of the World’s successful Immigration and Education companies, Global Guide is built on a legacy of delivering excellence through in-depth knowledge, world-class infrastructure and comprehensive resettlement packages consisting of study, immigration, travel and settlement services.

Global Guide has qualified immigration lawyers, accredited immigration consultants, ex-immigration officers and experienced counselors to help our clients secure visas, guaranteeing our rate of success continues to be excellent with the highest levels of service.

Here at Global Guide, your personal and professional needs are kept into consideration before recommending a visa for you. We offer students a choice of thousands of courses at various leading educational institutions in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Singapore and United States of America. With ample experience, world-class infrastructure and state of art technology, you can expect service beyond expectations from us. We give one stop solutions to people interested in settling abroad.

Our Vision

Global Guide is committed to being most effective service provider in the immigration field with a passion to be successful every time, in every case, thereby ensuring total customers’ satisfaction.

Our Mission

Global Guide is a company headed by professionally qualified and licensed consultants to handle all our clients’ needs to study, work or settle abroad. Our goal shall be to ensure our ability to meet the demands of our clients and our commitment to be a leader in immigration services across the globe. We assist our clients to turn their dreams into reality and bring them everlasting smiles.

Our Values

Global Guide is committed to serve its clients with high standards and ethics as laid by the law or governing bodies, embassies or institutions. We endeavour to work within a corporate culture that values customer satisfaction, accountability, problem solving, integrity and confidentiality. To achieve our vision, we have a workforce that is increasingly skilled, motivated and committed to dynamic leadership. We’re responsive to social responsibilities and shall initiate and contribute our part to any efforts to make this world a better place to live in.

Keys to Success

Provide unparalleled service to gain clients’ trust and satisfaction. Build up strong network in source countries. Updated knowledge of changes in immigration laws and international student recruitment policies.

That is why Global Buide promises to hold the hands of young and ambitious immigration aspirants, students, professionals and migrants and help them walk their way to success.

Guiding Star Canada

Guiding Star Canada Inc is committed to working with students in India to enable them to get the proper guidance in their pursuit of higher education in British Columbia. Guiding Star Canada Inc is also actively involved in promoting colleges and Universities exclusively from British Columbia in Southern parts of India.

With the expertise and in depth knowledge about International Education, we offer you in a platter, the best in education by the top rated universities and colleges in Canada. The tedious process of admissions and visa clearance are the responsibilities of a dedicated team at Guiding Star Canada Inc whose mission is to provide honest services to the aspiring students who approach us.

Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants

jupJupiter Study Abroad Consultants now one of North India’s reputable international education consultancies. Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants has been helping Indian students to study abroad for over 13 years. Since 2001 we have established ourselves as reliable providers of education and career counseling services, while placing several hundred students in accredited colleges and universities around the world. We have PIER qualified counselors in our office. We offer students the choice of Universities, TAFE colleges and private college throughout Australia. Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants are a member of The Association of Australian Government making Jupiter Study Abroad Consultants one of the few agents in India who has e-Visa lodgment authority in the past.

Kangaroo Studies

kangaroo_thumbKangaroo Studies has been offering educational consultancy services since 1995, working with some of the world’s most prestigious institutions and forging connections in countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, Switzerland, Singapore, and Dubai. Though the first office opened in New Delhi, seven more offices have been opened in northern India since. With an expert staff and offices all within 500 km, Kangaroo Studies has achieved many accolades in different fields as well as discerning strengths and capabilities. They strive to be one of the best sources of the most authentic and accurate information for students and parents and work hard to help students evaluate the best available alternatives around the globe for earning professional qualifications.

Education is their passion, not just their business.


Reyna Overseas

reyna-overseas-logo-blueReyna Overseas is a leading Foreign Educational Consultant based in Gujarat, where it was established in 2008. They work to connect Indian students with the best courses, universities or colleges, and countries for their area of interest regardless of their background, providing visa advice and IELTS coaching. Focusing on Australia, New Zeland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States, Reyna Overseas guarantees the best services for their students.

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SA Associates

SAA Logo Final ModifiedSA Associates Canada Inc ( SAA ) is a Non Governmental Educational Organization,   (NGO) operating in the field of education in Canada, which was founded at first   in Bangladesh in 1997 by the heads of the Foreign Department of several leading   education establishments in Canada in order to increase and simplify the   admission of students from foreign shores to them (educational establishments).   The rectors of major universities and other professorial staff of educational   establishments are in the advisory board of SAA. During the past ten years, over   1200 students studying through the SAA in various fields.
SAA is staffed by a highly qualified team of professionals whose main goal is to help foreign students adapt to the lifestyle in Canada.  The working language of SAA is Russian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Tamil and Hindi.

SETHI International

“Honesty, Sincerity, Quality” is our motto.


Our mission is to fulfill the aspirations of our students with sincere and honest efforts. Founded by Pankaj Sethi, a leading overseas education consultant, to help guide you about several universities and colleges around the world. We have won the hearts of countless students by delivering them quality and honest services. The happiness on their faces is our reward.



  • Student Visa, Visitor Visa, Tourist Visa, Canada Immigration.
  • IELTS Premier Institute, Embassy Interviews, Spoken English, P.Ds, G.Ds, P.Is.
  • Tour Packages: Domestic and International available.
  • Airline ticket on genuine cost available.

Singh Foundation

singh foundation - logoSingh Foundation offers a unique perspective on foreign exchange and education travel. Their team is managed by young but highly qualified individuals from some of the most reputed institutions in India. Singh Foundation works hard to provide professional, ethical, and quality services by partnering with colleges and universities around the world and ensuring up-to-date information for their clients.

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Sophiya Consultants

Sophiya Consultants textSophiya Consultants established in 1997 to provide quality education to students wishing to study in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Offering full support for studying abroad, their careful attention to each case has earned the firm Best Education Consultant in Patiala, Chandigarh, Punjab, and India. Sophiya Consultants covers every detail, from attaining Visas to finding a place to stay as well as career guidance, test preparation, and a number of other services to help students on their way.

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Indian Scholarships

StudyPlus Consultants & Education Services

studyplus logo officialStudyPlus Consultants is a fast-emerging brand name in student education & immigration counseling. StudyPlus’ mission is to provide the best services in the industry.  Our thoroughly professional team helps students chose the right course of study and country and also guides them with regard to the formalities of immigration and Visa application. We strive to do our best in providing aids in learning English and preparing for tests. We have our own StudyPlus School of Learning, where every year we train around 1000 students for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE and Spoken English classes. We have an ETS approved TOEFL-iBT Testing centre in Jalandhar and a branch office at Phagwara.

Tarun Arora, Managing Director, is a PIER Certified Qualified Education Agent Counsellor, C-164, (Aug 2007) and an AAERI Member since 2009. Every year StudyPlus Consultants recruits over 100 students for different countries UK, Australia, Canada, NZ , USA and Singapore. We represent over 100 universities and colleges around the world and recruit students for the same.

We are members of other reputed international Agent Associations such as NAFSA Member (USA), ICEF Member (Germany) and are a Weba Member (Switzerland).

With the growing scope of education overseas and the number of opportunities that arise with education, we will see an increasing trend of students wishing to enroll in foreign universities and reputed colleges. The trend helps them understand different cultures and make them ready for the global competition.

Sunrise International

sunriseAt Sunrise, our foundation was laid on the grounds of Ethics and Integrity. We believe in building relationships of trust. In providing our service, we understand that our clients invest immense trust in us; respecting this association, we do not under any circumstance compromise on integrity.

It lies in the organization’s value system that we provide world-class service. The team at Sunrise has been trained to process each case with utmost mindfulness and a holistic insight, through which we consistently achieve high standards of quality when it comes to delivery of service.

With over 20 years of experience as well as a dedicated and empowered team of professionals, Sunrise provides a plethora of services to its clients (B2C) as well as Institutional Partners (B2B).

Touchstone Educationals

Touchstone EducationalsWith over 12 years of experience in assisting students desirous of Studying Abroad, Touchstone can fulfill your aspirations and make the whole experience a cherishing one.  At Touchstone you will explore a world of global learning opportunities, dedicated faculty, pro-active career counselors, useful knowledge base and an environment that fosters knowledge sharing and self development.

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Valmiki Group

valmiki foundation logoFocusing on overseas education, the Valmiki Group was established in 2001 by leading professionals in the field. They have since become an internationally recognized support system for students seek education abroad. The Group works to provide the highest quality services available, to satisfy their clients’ needs, and to deliver exceptional value by means of their specially recruited and motivated staff. They offer coaching for many of the standard tests including the GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, and SAT as well as seminars in other relevant areas.

They also work to improve their immediate community and are firmly committed to their Corporate Social Responsibility, seeking to make a meaningful difference through education and the assistance of underprivileged youths and children. This branch of activity is managed by the Valmiki Foundation who strives to ” enrich the quality of life of the community especially the underprivileged children and [to] preserve ecological balance and heritage through a string environmental conscience.”

  • Valmiki Foundation celebrated their 6th Annual Event coinciding with the 2nd Anniversary of Valmiki Hriday (a home for deprived and underprivileged children) on June 22, 2013.

VJ Job Wala

4th Floor, Plot No. 3, Sai Enclave

Sector-23, Dwarka

Delhi, India

Phone: +91 87087 22424

VJ Job one of the reputed as best Education and Recruiting Agents in India, an approved Manpower Agency by Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India, and an ISO certified consultancy for overseas manpower recruitment and the complete staffing services solutions. VJ Job distinguished themselves by consistently providing end to end solution by providing guidance services to students, parents, other educational organizations regarding academic matters and placements to overseas market.

As a second generation business, we carry over years of experience in Manpower Supply, especially for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Finland, Romania, Poland and other countries with a reputation of value-based excellence and a basket of reputed clients VJ Job Company (Approved from Ministry of External affairs-Govt. of India) which provide assistance to find a course that matches with student’s interests and give placements which benefits candidates for their future endeavors. Customer delight is our lifeline and we achieve this with complete transparency to all our activities.

Devoted to simplicity, we ensure that every experience and touch point with us is exceptional, be it for the overseas employers or potential job seekers. Welcome to a world where integrity meets quality and perfection meets you.

West Highlander Immigration Consultancy Services

West HighlanderWest Highlander is a professionally managed Organization, having business sourced from all over South Asia. We represent more than 150 world class Universities/Colleges in 6 Countries. Our main business areas are – Study Abroad. We provide exclusive and world class Education Information Services. We have a team of qualified professional having rich experience in Education & Immigration Industry. We aim at providing solutions and guidance to our clients pertaining to issues like, Course, University/College Selection, Admission, Visa Services, Travel, Accommodation Services, Pre-landing Orientation & Post Landing Support.

Western Overseas

Western-OverseasConceptualized in 2004 with the intent of providing professional and holistic services in the field of Overseas Education and Study visa, Western Overseas Pvt. Ltd. today fills an important role working in the Education Consultancy sector of Haryana. Offering security and reliability during a transitionary period full of risks, Western Overseas Pvt. Ltd. works to ease Indian students through the process of pursuing an education abroad. They offer test preparation lessons for IELTS, TOEFL, BULATS, and CAE as well as other skill enhancing services and advice.

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