CIEC is an independent, national, membership-based, event-driven organization established to operate exclusively within the burgeoning Canada-India education corridor.  CIEC enhances ties and creates opportunities for academic institutions and learners from both countries. CIEC maintains its unique brand identity and its marketing initiatives are aligned with ‘Brand Canada’. Based in Toronto, Canada, CIEC is a key organization to help institutions, agents, and students in strategically positioning themselves in an increasingly fierce and competitive international environment.
As the education sector within Canada continues to evolve with the international community welcoming Canadian education, and the Canadian government actively encouraging ‘Internationalization’, we at CIEC have stepped up our efforts to deliver value to our clients and prepare Canadian colleges & universities to take advantage of burgeoning developments overseas. 
CIEC will meet its mandate by combining corporate governance with the benefits of a public-private partnership balanced with a gentle yet assertive entrepreneurial methodology to remain independent & be financially sustainable.  After hearing from our members, CIEC has developed our much anticipated CARE (Canadian Academic Advisors Representing Excellence) Agent Membership category for agencies, education consultants and advisors.