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Ahead Abroad empowers students through innovative and responsible travel experiences to positively impact lives and communities around the world. Ahead was founded on the principle of pushing boundaries – of exploring and engaging with others in the far corners of the world. We were founded to break the norms of student travel, to create experiences that give our students a greater understanding of the world, and to play a role in building a more unified global community.

This venture has caused many ripples as this would be the first non-profit making public trust to take such an initiative in Surat. This concept has evolved with a mission to bring in the nuances from national to global available in benefit to all the students. The sole motive of Ahead Abroad is to enhance the career path of not only the students’ of Jeevanbharati, but also other students in various schools.


What’s so appealing or new?

To build a global bridge, we have undertaken the challenge to eradicate the very basic issue- ENGLISH! This is possible if every academic organization accepts the Language Assessment pattern right from its roots.

Pearson Test of English – Youth Learners (PTE-YL) and Pearson Test of English – G (PTE-G). Just like in any school, a gradual growth from pre-school to university; a step by step, level-wise English language training and assessment is provided by Ahead, starting from Pre-Firstwords to Level C2.

We just don’t stop here! Furthermore, for professionals and corporate, we have a specialized training and assessment authorized by ‘London Chamber of Commerce & Industry – LCCI.’ For courses; such as English for Business, English for Tourism, Practical Business English, Certificate for Teaching English as a foreign language [CertTEFL] and many more.

These are just a few of our unique features in the training segment, but as mentioned earlier, it’s just a bridge to overcome the first step. Once achieved, a plethora of opportunities awaits you. And how is that? It’s simple! Career path has to be pre-planned or needs to possess a proactive approach. You have to start early. Once you’ve accumulated various language assessments at a primary level, it’s easy to score in international exams like: IELTS, PTE-A, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, GMAT etc. as you are not new to the language or its accent and its lexical set too.


Why should one enrol just for English?

It’s a skill! Haven’t you heard that a good orator becomes a great leader? A perfect example of this is none other than our honourable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi. He may not speak in English, but he does support the idea of learning it. You stand apart when you speak affluent English. You can perform well in your classroom, various competitions, etc. It charms, fascinates and redeems all the efforts you once put into getting educated in a English Medium School. but where are all the skills? They are acquired when you have acquired all the four skills together: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Ahead will definitely take you ahead with its level-wise learning structure.


Where can one go with this?

The world is your playground! You can spread your wings and travel across the world to reap the benefits. Countries like America/Australia/Canada/United Kingdom/New Zealand offer many disciplines which may not be much offered in India, but only with a sound score of the exams mentioned above. Students with good academic and sound background usually opt to study abroad as their future may have a wider scope and a more structured path. With easily available loans for study abroad students, it is not that difficult anymore.


What if one looks for specialized courses abroad?

All types of courses are available in the countries mentioned above, but they are either heavy on the budget or difficult to get in. Even if all is well, acquiring a visa is a task. Courses like Automobile, Engineering, IT, Nursing, BDS, MBBS, Hospitality and MBA are offered at an economical expense to international students in countries like Germany, Georgia, Slovenia and Austria. One just needs to explore them.


What if one doesn’t want to study abroad?

Ahead has a unique program to offer to students who only wish to expose themselves to multi-culture and not study abroad. This can happen with our ‘Rustic Pathway Programs’ which introduce candidates to Wildlife, Environmental, and Community service based projects available for 2 or more weeks in almost all countries. There is a motive driven trip in which one comes close to nature, people and also culture.