Use and Management of Agents by Canadian Institutions Highly Variable

Source: CMEC Report via Academica | June 18, 2014

A new report issued by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada outlines the use of education agents by Canadian schools. According to the report, the use of agents is common across Canada’s international education system except in Quebec, where administrators reported difficulties tapping into the demand for English-language education that typically drives international enrolment. The report also says that the recruitment and management of agents varies within Canada’s education systems. Institutions employ varying levels of regulation, with some using robust internal or provincial protocols and others relying on student complaints or feedback from peer institutions. Lesser-known institutions were more likely to depend on agents to build brand awareness than “super-league” institutions. Some respondents whose institutions depend on agents for enrolment expressed reluctance to terminate an agent’s contract even if misconduct occurred.

TCS Insights: The importance of education agents to post-secondary institutions in Canada continues to grow. Smaller schools are more likely to make use of agents but those who do enjoy many benefits. For information on CIEC Agent members, click here.