Capital: Quebec City
Largest City: Montreal
Population: 7.9 million
Age of majority: 18
Legal drinking age: 18
Official Flower: Blue Flag Iris
Motto: Je me souviens (“I remember”)
About: Québec is the only Canadian province with a predominantly French population and its only official language is French. Anglophones sometimes encounter problems with finding services and programs in languages other than French. Every decade or so, lobbyists speak up in favour of separating from Canada and it became recognized as “a nation within a united Canada” by the House of Commons in 2006. Montreal is known as a very cultured city and its low rents attracts artists and counter-culture individuals—sparked in part as well by Concordia’s politically leftist presence. The Laurentian Mountains are home to the world-famous Mont Tremblant mountain resort, offering plenty of recreational options all year round. Maple Syrup harvesting is particularly popular in Quebec and trips to Sugar Shacks (where the syrup is refined) in the winter offers a memorable experience.

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