Dalhousie’s Pilot Program Helps Put International Students in NS Workplaces

Source: Chronicle Herald via Academica | July 23, 2014

Dalhousie University has launched a pilot program to help international students establish themselves in Nova Scotia’s workplaces. “We’ve noticed that many [international students] are having to go back to their home countries to do their work terms in order to stay on track… and graduate with our [commerce] program,” said Anna Cranston, Director of Management Career Services at Dal. The new workplace experience program helps international students establish contacts and build their confidence in the Canadian workplace. Students and employers alike learn more about cultural differences as well as the challenges faced by international students looking to join the Canadian workforce. “It’s only a small way but if there’s a way that we can find to make international students feel more comfortable in the workplace and out getting jobs, then maybe there’s a chance that they’re going to stay when they graduate,” said Robert Everist, Chief Operating Officer for Cox & Palmer, a firm that hosted a student this summer. NS recently created pathways to encourage international students to stay in the province post-graduation.