SIAST Creates New Resource Centres For Newcomers and International Students

Source: Leader-Post via Academica | July 23, 2014

The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology has created Newcomer and International Centres to help welcome international students to campus this fall. SIAST is responding to student feedback that indicated a demand for a space to meet and interact with peers. Students, advisors, and faculty will help international students and newcomers with academics, socialization, culture, and settlement. “This group brings a whole new set of challenges for instructors, as well as challenges for the students because they’re coming to a new country, a new educational system that might be confusing to them, and all their stressors and cultural differences they need to get used to,” said SIAST’s Director of Student Development Brian Henderson. While it will take longer for the physical centres to be ready for use, the new services will be ready for the fall.