New Initiatives at uRegina Business School

Source: Leader-Post via Academica | April 7, 2014

The Faculty of Business Administration at the University of Regina has recently launched a number of initiatives designed to help make the school “known as Canada’s school for experiential education and research,” explains Dean Andrew Gaudes. One interesting initiative is the Hill Legacy Pin program for undergraduate students in the Paul J Hill School of Business; incoming students get a pin that they are expected to wear at university events and that will be exchanged for an Alumni ring upon graduation. The graduate hands the pin to a new incoming student along with a letter of reflection, creating an “instant mentorship.” Another initiative is a new bundling program that allows students to take courses outside of the business school that focus on one country of interest. This gives students in-depth knowledge of a specific area combined with business skills. In addition, the MBA program has developed a more international focus, a new postgraduate diploma helps students “top up” and prepare for an MBA, and articulation agreements with international schools are being explored.

TCS Insights: uRegina is taking new strides in order to better their reputation as an destination for students interested in first-hand learning experiences. By allowing students to complete a portion of their studies in different countries, they will be able to acquire knowledge and experience in regions they aspire to do business in during their careers.

uRegina Applications Increase by 15%

Source: uRegina News Release via Academica | March 19, 2014

The University of Regina [CIEC Academic Member] so far has seen a 15% increase in applications over last year, with 75% of the total applications for fall 2014 now submitted; applications to the university have more than doubled in the past 3 years. uRegina explains that more than 80% of the application boost is due to an increase in international student applications, which have risen 7% this year. There are also more out-of-province high school applications than there were last year. “Of particular note is the increase in the number of applicants from Calgary, which shows that our targeted recruitment efforts are well received and effective,” says uRegina President Vianne Timmons.

TCS Insights: uRegina is experiencing a rise in their received number of admission applications. While Canadian students from outside of Alberta have also contributed to this increase, the 7% surge in international applications is thought to be the main source for this growth. This shows that the university is becoming a destination for students from countries other than Canada for a place of higher education.

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