Early Reports of Increased International Yield for Canadian Universities

Source: ICEF Monitor

Previous reports of significant increases in visa applications and admissions applications to Canadian universities are now being followed by corresponding growth in yield rates for 2017/18 admissions. Growth appears to be particularly notable for students from India.

This report can be read in its entirety via the ICEF Monitor website.

Canadian Unis Report Bump in Applications for 2017

Source: ICEF

Canadian universities are reporting significant increases in the number of foreign applications received for this year. For many institutions, year-over-year growth is often on the order of 20-30% or more.

The increase is being attributed to political developments in the UK and US, but also to expanded recruiting by Canadian institutions and the relative affordability of Canadian education.

For the full report, please visit the ICEF website.

Watch for Shifts in Indian Outbound this Year

Source: ICEF Monitor

Indian students’ choice of study destination is highly influenced by visa policy generally and the availability of post-study work opportunities in particular. Recent developments in the US and UK have called the continuing attractiveness of both leading destinations into question for some Indian students. And this has opened the door for alternative destinations to claim a greater share of the Indian outbound market.

For the complete report, visit ICEF Monitor.

8th Annual ICEF Agent Barometer Survey Gathers Insights from 104 Countries

Source: ICEF Monitor | November 26, 2014

The results from the 2014 installment of the ICEF i-graduate Agent Barometer – the most comprehensive survey of education agents regarding their perspectives on the international education markets – are in. This is the eighth year in a row the survey has run, providing a wealth of multi-year trend data.

The 2014 survey ran for three weeks during October, with 1,065 agents from 104 countries responding.

For a full analysis of the 2014 i-graduate Agent Barometer, please visit the ICEF website.

CIEC would like to thank ICEF for their thought provoking presentation at the 2014 CBIE Conference in Ottawa and for making their presentation slides available here.