Saskatchewan Budget Commits 2% Average Funding Increases for PSE Institutions

Source: Government of Saskatchewan News Release via Academica | March 19, 2014

The Saskatchewan budget for 2014, tabled this week, provides a $24-million (3.7%) increase over 2013 for higher education—a total of $817.8 million. The increase includes a $12.3-million increase in operating funds, with an average 2% going to universities, federated and affiliated colleges, technical institutes, and regional colleges, and a $19.8-million direct investment going towards First Nations and Métis education. PSE institutions will also be given $134 million towards scholarship and financial assistance programs, $32.6 million in capital investments, and several grants for research projects.

TCS Insights: The provincial budget for 2014 has aided post-secondary institutions in Saskatchewan. With greater amounts of funding being provided for operations, scholarships, research and financial aid, universities and colleges will be able to grow and provide services for increasing numbers of both domestic and international students.