Capital: Regina
Largest City: Saskatoon
Population: Approx. 1 million
Age of majority: 18
Legal drinking age: 19
Official Flower: Western Red Lily
Motto: Multis e Gentibus Vires (“Strength from many people”)
About: Saskatchewan receives the most hours of sunlight out of all the provinces and territories in Canada and it lies far away from any bodies of water. The southern-most region of the province have a semi-arid climate but, far to the north, you’ll find a subarctic climate. They experience what is known as a Chinook Wind—a warm gust that warms everything up for a period in the fall—for up to 30-35 days per year. Some popular Canadian television shows—like Little Mosque On The Prairie or Corner Gas—all take place in Saskatchewan, as do many stories and novels (like those of Farley Mowatt). Buffy St. Marie, a famous folk artist, also hails from Saskatchewan.

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