Pearson Launches Open Badge Platform

Source: Pearson News Release via Academica | February 13, 2014

The Pearson [CIEC Academic Member] publishing company has launched an open badge platform called Acclaim, which will allow PSE institutions to recognize student achievements and learning outcomes with badges that can be shared online. Acclaim will use the Mozilla Open Badge standard, and will work with academic institutions and credentialing organizations to offer diplomas, certificates and other professional credentials as open badges. “Open badge-earners have complete control to display them wherever they choose—on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, a blog, or website—to prove their credentials,” reads a Pearson news release. “This allows potential employers to quickly and easily verify the qualifications of job applicants.”

TCS Insights: By using online badges to represent student achievement, Pearson is making it easier for students to prove their credentials to prospective employers and educational institutions alike. Students pursuing opportunities in new parts of the world will quickly be able to prove their past accomplishments without needing to request transcripts from previous schools.