International Student Enrolment in BC Grows

Source: BC News Release via Academica | June 6, 2014

A record number of international students enrolled at British Columbia PSE institutions in 2012–13, according to new figures. The province saw a 20% increase in international students, growing from 94,000 in 2009–10 to 112,800 in 2012–13. The increase was largely driven by applicants from India and China, whose numbers increased by 188% and 68%, respectively, over the 3-year period. The influx of international students has also benefited the BC economy. The new figures say that international students spent approximately $2.3 billion in BC on tuition, accommodation, and other living expenses, as well as on arts, culture, and recreation. This figure marks a 28% increase from 2009–10. International students’ dollars helped support 25,500 jobs. BC hopes to increase the number of international students coming to the province by 50% by 2016, in accordance with the federal International Education Strategy.

TCS Insights: Students from India are making an impact as they choose to study abroad in Canada. The impact on the economy of British Columbia has been clear and the province is looking to further this trend in the coming years.