CIEC proudly presents our much-anticipated Student Portal.  CIEC strives to build a community of current, past, and potential international students to facilitate conversation and help you enjoy the many opportunities present in this burgeoning education corridor.  Explore our pool of resources on studying in Canada and multimedia tours of schools and provinces.  Join the CIEC community to connect & network with your peers.  You can even become a CIEC ‘Student Chapter’ and help us host & coordinate events at your school via our new ‘Student Chapters’ initiative!

Based in Toronto, Canada, CIEC is a key organization to help institutions, agents, and students in strategically positioning themselves in an increasingly fierce and competitive international environment.  We invite you to join us as we become the ‘benchmark organization’ operating in the Canada-India education sector.

Through this portal, you can enjoy a network of shared knowledge between Canadian institutions and prospective students  and to use the forum to engage in live discussion with students like you.  You will be introduced to the universities and colleges of Canada, as well as its culture, geography, and testimonials. We can help you with day-to-day concerns like banking, employment, and accommodation.

The CIEC Student Portal is a constantly evolving and improving and we welcome your feedback. Please let us know of any information or resources you would like to be made available.

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