Smart Cities Forum 2015

The Canada India Centre at Carleton University is pleased to announce a conference on “Smart & Sustainable Cities – Opportunities for Canada-India Partnership” to discuss the development and implementation of Smart Cities in India and the opportunities it will create for Canadian companies.

The objectives of the Forum will be to:

  • Provide a platform for knowledge exchange and networking among Indian and Canadian stakeholders involved in Smart Cities;
  • Present current developments in the Smart Cities sector in Canada and lessons for India;
  • Promote mutual partnership opportunities for Canadian and Indian companies involved in Smart energy generation and management, transportation and mobility, ICT, infrastructure, buildings and utilities sectors;
  • Showcase existing projects in India in the areas of Smart Mobility and environmental solutions.

Attendees will include Policymakers and Regulatory Agencies, Infrastructure Developers, Construction Companies and Contractors, Architects, Designers, and Engineers, Technology Providers, Financial Institutions and Investors, and Economic Development Agencies.

Further information on this conference & registration are available on the Canada-India Centre website.