Queen’s Introduces 5-year Strategic Framework

Source: Queen’s News Release via Academica | March 11, 2014

Queen’s University has introduced a new Strategic Framework for the next 5 years that aims to “advance the university’s vision as the quintessential balanced academy.” The framework, which is closely aligned with the university’s Academic Plan and Strategic Research Plan, includes 4 priorities that support the university’s vision: the student learning experience, research prominence, financial sustainability, and internationalization. “While the framework sets priorities, it is not prescriptive,” says Queen’s Provost and VP Academic Alan Harrison. “Ultimately, it is up to each of the faculties and shared service units to identify the actions each of them will take to advance the university’s objectives and improve the metrics we measure ourselves by. Everyone has a role to play in the university’s success as we move forward.” The Queen’s principal and VPs will review the Strategic Framework regularly over its 5-year timeframe and develop progress reports for the Queen’s community on an annual basis.

TCS Insights: Over the next 5 years, Queen’s University aims to reach specific goals with the launch of their new framework. Among the priorities they hope to reach is greater internationalization. By increasing their number of international students, the university can raise their reputation in the international community while connecting bright individuals and preparing them for their futures.