Colleges Ontario Reports Increase in Applications

Source: Colleges Ontario Report via Academica | July 10, 2014

Applications to Ontario’s public colleges are up this year, according to Colleges Ontario’s 2014 Environmental Scan, released this week. 197,433 distinct applications were received in 2012-13, up from 185,049 the previous year. Of the new fall 2013 applicants to Ontario’s PSE system, 58% applied to college programs. Applications from international students have also increased, with more than 23,000 received in 2013. Additionally, the report provides information on the pathways to college undertaken by students. 29% of students came directly from high school; 26% were delayed, meaning there was a gap between high school and PSE, but no prior PSE experience; and 43% had some prior PSE experience, 25% of whom had completed college/university credentials. Regarding graduation, more than 82,000 students graduated from college programs last year, and 83% of 2011–12 college graduates in the workforce were employed within 6 months of graduation.

TCS Insights: International students are choosing colleges in Ontario as their educational destinations more now than in previous years. Graduation and employment rates are also high, suggesting future international students should consider this province for their own studies.