Nova Scotia Announces Funding for Aboriginal, International Student Programs; Innovation Projects

Source: NS News Release via Academica | May 9, 2014

Nova Scotia has announced $5 million in funding for 9 new projects at its universities. This round of Excellence and Innovation Fund-supported projects focuses on reaching international and aboriginal students, simplifying application procedures, and promoting innovation in the province. Cape Breton University will work with Unama’ki College to improve educational accessibility for aboriginal learners, while CBU, Saint Mary’s University, and Acadia University will study ways to offer local academic programs in Zhuhai, China. At the University of King’s College, the funding will support a pilot project to recruit and retain students from the United States; Mount Saint Vincent University, meanwhile, will devote money to enhancing its International Education Centre. The funding will also support 4 “sandbox” projects that will offer spaces for students and industry to develop ideas that have the potential to grow into business opportunities.

TCS Insights: The province of Nova Scotia continues to welcome international students by allocating more funding for projects, programs and new student centres. Such commitment will help maintain the level of enrolment of foreign students in the Maritime region of Canada.