More Needs To Be Done For Enrolment in Higher Education: President

Source: Times of India | February 22, 2014

CHENNAI: Observing that India has made a good improvement on the enrolment in higher education, President Pranab Mukherjee on Saturday said however more have to be done in this regard as countries like the US and Germany were far ahead in number. He said that enrolment ratio has increased from point six per cent to seven per cent but, we still have to be kept in mind that India was still behind nations like Germany and the US, whose enrolment ratios stood at 27 per cent and 37 per cent respectively. In his address at the first convocation of Indian Maritime University here, Mukherjee also urged the students to serve the society alma mater and the country.,/span>

TCS Insights: With college and university enrolment numbers on the rise, President Mukherjee remains focused on closing the gap between India and different western countries. Students would do well to become involved in their schools and still contribute to its success after graduation.