Ivey Business School and IIM Calcutta Sign MoU

Source: Times of India | March 19, 2014

KOLKATA: Ivey Business School and the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta on Wednesday signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding to jointly develop and publish India-relevant cases. 
The partnership between the two leading institutions entails a collaborative effort to foster case based teaching and in creating high quality case materials to enrich classroom discussions. 
The MoU was signed by Eric A. Morse, Associate Dean, Programs, Ivey Business School and Ashok Banerjee, Dean of New Initiatives and External Relations, IIMC at the IIM campus in Kolkata. 
Under this partnership, the two institutions will collaborate in the areas of research, development and publishing of cases as well as in fostering a culture of case writing and case pedagogy in Indian management institutes. 
This MoU will help the IIM-C Case Research Centre increase its global reach, leverage Ivey’s rich knowledge base and accumulated intellectual capital in business case study research and encourage joint research and co-authorship between faculty of the two institutes. 
This will support IIM-C’s emphasis on case based teaching and writing to further enhance its reputation as a leader in management education. 
Ivey finds great complementarity in the two institute’s aims and goals for furthering the case pedagogy in India and is looking forward to collaborating with IIMC in building on IIMC’s extensive industry network and their case focus to further add to Ivey’s India efforts in these areas. 
Speaking on the partnership, Eric Morse, Associate Dean-Programs, Ivey Business School, said, “Ivey is the largest producer of high quality Asian Business Cases and we are delighted to partner with IIM-C to build on this quality portfolio. IIM Calcutta has a tremendous reputation for its ties with industry and for attracting some of India’s best talent. We believe our combined expertise and focus on quality will lead to exceptional results for both institutions and the stakeholders we collectively serve.” 
“The Case Research centre at IIM-C was set up with the idea of developing India-specific cases from the formal and informal sectors. The MoU will help IIM Calcutta faculty to list their cases in Ivey thereby enabling faculty and students from all over the world access to such cases from a leading emerging market,” said Professor Ashok Banerjee, Dean of New Initiatives and External Relations, IIM Calcutta. 
One of Canada’s leading and most prestigious business schools, Ivey has been using cases in its classrooms since 1923 and is committed to mentoring high-potential faculty in case teaching and writing through a comprehensive process of case development – from generating ideas to publishing case studies globally. 
Active in India based case development, training Indian faculty and perpetuating the case pedagogy in India since 2008, Ivey runs an annual Global Case Competition for India based cases. Co-hosted with ISB since 2010, the competition has rapidly gained prominence in India and abroad. 
Ivey has also so far trained over 720 Indian faculty in case teaching and writing through numerous workshops organized in partnership with Indian business schools such as ISB, IIM-B, MDI, IMI, IIT-B, SPJIMR to name a few. 
IIM Calcutta is one of the premier business schools in India, and is globally recognized as a leader in business education. IIM Calcutta uses cases as a key learning tool in several of its courses for postgraduate students and participants in management development programs. 
The Case Research Centre (IIMCCRC) was started in 2012 to champion the cause of participative case based learning in Business Schools and other institutions in India by creating a repository of teaching cases with an Indian context, spreading awareness on the value of the Case Method, and propagating practice standards for development and use of cases in management education. 
Today, it actively engages with several industry organizations to develop world-class cases. Interestingly, not only do both the institutes strongly propagate the case based learning methodology but also have been the first, in their respective countries, to have recognized the need for world class management education. 
IIM-C was established as the first national institute for Post-Graduate studies and Research in Management by the Government of India in November 1961. 
Similarly, Ivey was the first to offer management education in Canada in 1922 and after a comprehensive study of all recognized business courses of University grade, it was determined that the Harvard case study method was the most effective style of teaching. Strong links were established with Harvard Business School and the school curriculum established thus. 
In 1948 Canada’s top 100 CEOs and Presidents met at Western University and determined the need for a National School of Business Administration and the first executive education program was established at Ivey.

TCS Insights: This partnership between institutions will allow them both to increase their notoriety around the world while allowing them to work together in the areas of research and development. Ivey and IIM-Calcutta will additionally develop more case studies relative to India to facilitate further student engagement during class discussions.