Global Declaration on The Future of Internationalizing PSE

Source: University World News | January 18, 2014

More than 20 international education organizations from around the world gathered in South Africa recently to attend a global dialogue with the “express purpose of investigating whether and how higher education internationalization might be made more globally equitable, value-driven and collaborative and how practitioners might go about shaping its future agenda and harmonizing their efforts.” Participants agreed on an official declaration that identifies 3 areas of development, including “Enhancing aspects of quality and diversity in programmes involving the mobility of students and academic and administrative staff; Increasing focus on the internationalization of the curriculum and of related learning outcomes; and gaining commitment on a global basis for the creation of equal and ethical higher education partnerships.” Canada was represented by the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE).

TCS Insights: The CBIE joined 19 other groups from around the world to determine the worth and how to improve the experience of an international education.  This is important as the meeting addressed the transfer of students and faculty around the world while giving programs a more international focus.  As a result of this dialogue, international students will be able to better transition into institutions globally.