Internationalization Benefits PhD Students

Source: Times Higher Education via Academica | July 7, 2014

Attendees at the European University Association’s annual meeting on doctoral education in Liverpool, England heard from several speakers about the importance and benefits of internationalizing doctoral training. Alastair McEwan of the University of Queensland, Australia told audience members that international doctoral students not only helped his institution overcome a reduction in domestic doctoral students, but “are absolutely critical” to research output and are “a very cost-effective way to promote international linkages.” He added that international doctoral students also provide considerable knowledge about other cultures which, he said, is a critical transferable skill and can enhance PhD graduate employability. Barbara Knuth of Cornell University, meanwhile, spoke of the difficulties faced by universities and international students in navigating complex immigration regulations. She added that institutions need to do better at encouraging students to stay post-degree. Internationalization has been a point of emphasis for the Canadian government; however, some argue that significant changes to the nation’s international education policy are needed.

TCS Insights: Greater amounts of international students not only build bridges to other nations but can increase the knowledge of domestic students in regards to new cultures. With their role in conducting research spoken highly of as well, universities should welcome more qualified students from across the globe.