IBT College

IBT College was formed in 2001 and offer’s quality education that helps people move forward in their career with hands on training. Our programs are approved and recognized by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and we continuously thrive to make the student experience better. As a career college, it’s this goal of bettering the lives of people that is shared by instructors, administrators and counselors; in order to prepare its students for the workplace and help them gain employment or secure the promotion they’ve been hoping for.

The programs at IBT College are career-oriented in design – current, flexible, and effective. Taught by leaders in their fields, the programs are continuously being updated, to keep the lessons on track with the cutting-edge developments in the world of business, technology and tourism. The programs are focused, preparing students for a specific job with specific skills, allowing them to get back in the workplace quickly and efficiently.

IBT College recognizes that every student is an individual, with individual needs, responsibilities and schedules. With this in mind, IBT College has structured its courses to be flexible, while still delivering effective, practical programs. With daytime, evening and weekend classes available, IBT College can accommodate both working professionals and full-time students. As well as flexible schedules, multiple starting dates throughout the year allow the college to structure a course that is tailor-made to the needs of the student, and eases them back into the workplace smoothly.

As a Career College, our goal is to help society by contributing to the social needs of the community and aiding persons to “turn their lives around,” thereby giving them the opportunity to develop a fulfilling career. At IBT College, career counseling and placement is an integral part of our education process. While acquired skills and knowledge are essential in today’s highly competitive job market, they may not be all that is required. Whether you are training for an entirely new career or interested in advancing within your organization, we are here to assist you in reaching your goals.

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