“Research Theses of Graduate Students of GTU Are of Canadian Standards”, say the Experts from a Canadian University

Source: Gujarat Technological University | March 7, 2014

Contact: Bhavita Shukla Dave, GTU Media Officer, 982-530-5020; [email protected]

Gujarat Technological University is relatively a new technology University established in the year 2008 by Government of Gujarat, India. Gujarat Technological University (GTU) organizes Research Week as an evaluation process of the Ph. D students and Masters students for the mid-sem review of their final year theses work at its Chandkheda Campus. Experts from other universities of India (and abroad) evaluate the work of these students and mentor the students so that they can improve the quality of their work. The visiting experts conduct workshops on the topic of their expertise and new developments in their field to enhance the knowledge of students. This is the 3rd Research Week organized by GTU. Last year 96 workshops were organized under the Research Week.

Dr. Vasu Apanna is the dean of pharmacy in Laurentian University, Canada. Dr. Vasu evaluated more than 30 students at GTU Pharmacy Research Week. He was impressed with the concept of Research Week. Talking about the work of students Mr. Vasu said that “Many of the Research work done by GTU students is of Canadian Standards. Even the topics of research are quite similar.” He said that work of some of the students was really good. “Some presentations were as good as the presentations we see in Canada”. During the interactions with students we discovered that students have good knowledge about the topic of research which is a good sign.  As GTU has insisted the PSAR this time it is a very good idea.

Dr. Vasu also shared some very interesting suggestions. Dr. Vasu said that whatever research students do cannot have regional approach. Research is for the use of the entire world. So it is very important to stay updated with what is happening around in the world in the field of Research. Students should join the Common Research Clubs like Research Gate where they can discuss issues in research with their peers. Through such clubs students can learn if any other students have published any article in any other country on the same topic. Dr. Vasu said that in Canada there are labs where students can go and conduct practical work. There is a special Cell Imaging Laboratory in our town where students of pharmacology can go and conduct the cell tests. They all are state university owned labs as there is no trend of privatization in education in Canada.

Dr. Abdel Omri also evaluated more than 30 students and agreed with Dr. Vasu Apanna. Talking about the research review patterns in Canada Dr. Abdel said that in Canada we also organize a Research Day. On the Research Day students display their work on posters. The best three research work then participate in state level competition. This exercise also brings in donations for research work.  Dr. Vasu suggested that Gujarat should have a laboratory in the centre of the City where students can go for further research to encourage practical research work. Dr. Abdel is really impressed to see the environment at the Research Week of GTU. Dr. Abdel said that “We have learnt from the students. Students here are very smart.” He said that Research week is very well organized. He also said that people here are very nice and the hospitality is very good around here.

On the occasion Dr. Akshai Aggarwal, Vice Chancellor of GTU said that the research week not only reviews the work of students but it also provides mentoring to them. Moreover open source format of review helps create excellence in the thesis work at all colleges across the state. Evening workshops by experts along with the morning session of review create a Kumbh Mela of knowledge seekers.

The Research Weeks of 2014 started in February 2014 and will end in April 2014 as research weeks are organized in three different phases for Pharmacy, Management and Engineering respectively.