CIEC Introduces Major Changes to CARE: Shortened & Inclusive Process, Decreased Fees, Free Application Pre-Screening

The Canada India Education Council has opened Agent Membership (CARE) to education agents, advisors, and counselors. After receiving feedback from education agents, CIEC has introduced significant changes to CARE:

  • Decreased Membership and Application Fees
  • Application Fee
    • Before: $525, Now: $225 (Sign up now and enjoy a FREE Pre-Screening)
  • Membership Fee
    • Before: $1500 – $4500, Now: $999 for a 2-year period
  • Application Fee waived for agents applying between June 1st 2013 – July 1st 2013
  • Membership Decision will be made upon receipt of the Application Form
  • Inclusive Process – Agents will not be tested on their compliance with CARE Standards (Voluntary Code of Ethics)
  • Process shortened from 4 – 6 months to 1 – 2 months
  • CIEC no longer conducting Site Visits or Staff Assessments
  • DFAIT training no longer mandatory
  • CIEC will organize an annual CARE Training Seminar in one or more major Indian cities

It is our hope that a more inclusive process will create a more immediate and widespread change in the student recruitment market. To get started please complete and send the Application Form (click here to download) to [email protected].

Benefits of Agent Membership (CARE) include:

  • Use of CARE logo and goodwill of the ‘CIEC’ brand
  • Display of CARE – Recognized Membership Certificate and Membership Statement
  • A listing in the bi-weekly CIEC online newsletter, ‘Disha,’ besides opportunities for marketing on the CIEC website, newsletter, events and e-mail campaigns distributed to 19 000 education stakeholders in both countries
  • Listed as a recognized CARE agent on CIEC’s website (with a dynamic profile linking to your services) and social networking platforms
  • Use of the CIEC Representative Office in Toronto to establish your presence in Canada. CIEC can also arrange face-to-face interviews at our member institutions
  • Exposure at our annual Synergyblockbuster networking event. Includes a reduced registration fee and for agents arriving from India, free airport pick-up & a one-night free stay at the hotel
  • Greater visibility and recognition by CIEC member colleges and universities as well as governments in both Canada and India
  • Exclusive airport pick-up for your students (for a nominal fee)
  • Access to CIEC webinars, networking and training events
  • Access to Annual Training Seminar in one or more major Indian cities
  • Establish your reputation and promote your business through an advisory position on our ‘Student Discussion’ Facebook group / website forum
  • Personalized assistance & insights in growing your network of reputable Canadian institutions & on-the-ground support

For more information about membership benefits, please visit:

The much-lauded CARE Initiative is designed to bring transparency to the agent sector in India by promoting the CARE Standards. CARE is supported by CIEC’s member institutions which includes Canadian Colleges & Universities and is poised to soon become the benchmark & establish standards for counselors and agents promoting Canadian education in India. Agent Membership (CARE) will be granted by the CIEC Executive Team in consultation with the impartial Membership Committee, comprised of academic experts representing 3 major Canadian Colleges.

CARE serves as a cost-effective way for education agents to gain exposure, establishing their credentials, and distinguishing themselves in the exciting Canada-India education corridor. Agents wishing to strategically position themselves in an increasingly fierce and competitive international environment are invited to become an CARE Recognized Member of the Canada India Education Council.

To get started please complete and send the Application Form (click here to download) to Gaurav Verma at [email protected].

We look forward to working with you and becoming a trusted partner as you guide students to quality post secondary institutions in Canada.


imgHusain                                                imgRoseann

Husain F. Neemuchwala                                      Prof Roseann O’Reilly Runte, President & Vice Chancellor,
CEO – CIEC                                                            Carleton University
                                                                                      Academic Advisor – CIEC