Global Ranking Places Canada 2nd in Access to PSE

Source: The Social Progress Imperative via Academica | April, 3, 2014

Canada ranks 2nd globally in access to advanced education, and 7th in social and environmental progress, reveals a new global ranking led by Harvard University researcher Michael Porter. The ranking evaluates countries based on 3 separate scales: basic human needs (such as medical care, water and sanitation, and shelter), foundations of well-being (such as access to basic knowledge and ecosystem sustainability), and opportunity (such as personal rights, tolerance and freedom, and access to PSE). Canada also scored high compared to countries of similar GDP per capita in “years of tertiary schooling” and “women’s average years in school.”

TCS Insights: Canada in steadily increasing its reputation as a nation making higher education accessible to students. International students looking to gain experience abroad would do well to consider Canada as a destination to pursue their studies.