Canada Ranks Third Among Global Destinations For Business Grad Students

Source: Graduate Management Admission Council via Academica | April 22, 2014

An American study has found that Canada ranks third among global destinations for graduate business students. The report, which surveyed 12,000 prospective graduate business students, indicates that Canada is a target for 5% of respondents, behind only the US (70%) and Europe (15%). Canadian business schools’ global profiles have been enhanced by a number of marketing campaigns initiated by the federal government as well as through interuniversity recruitment and marketing campaigns. A complementary report, which surveyed nearly 240,000 GMAT test-takers, indicated that Canada’s visa policies for students and skilled workers may explain Canada’s popularity. International students submitted 63% of all GMAT test scores sent to Canada in 2013, up from 48% in 2009, and foreign students accounted for 29% of all students who took the test within Canada.

TCS Insights: Visa policies and improved marketing have contributed to Canada’s reputation as a place to pursue a higher education for international business students. These students comprise a growing portion of total writers of GMAT tests and the country looks to continue this trend.