BrockU Launches Recruiting Website for International Students

Source: BrockU News Release via Academica | May 22, 2014

Brock University has launched a new website designed to help attract and assist international students. The website describes for students the variety of programs available at Brock and offers information about campus life and the Niagara region. Students will also be able to access information on policies and procedures that will be relevant following their application, including information on applying for study permits, registering for courses, and paying fees. The site includes a calendar of important dates, including dates and times of recruitment events. It is currently available in English and Chinese, but plans are in place to add additional languages.

TCS Insights: Brock University is beginning the process of becoming a major destination for students coming to Canada from abroad. By launching this website to provide prospective students with the information they need before enrolling at Brock, they are letting students know that there may be a place for them at their institution.