83% of Ontario College Grads Employed Within 6 Months of Graduation

Source: Colleges Ontario News Release | April 15, 2014


According to Colleges Ontario’s latest Key Performance Indicators (KPI) report, 83.4% of college graduates find employment within just 6 months of graduation. Employers are also pleased: over 92% of respondents reported feeling satisfied or very satisfied with the graduates they have hired. While impressive, these numbers are relatively static compared to the KPI reports issued in the last two years. Linda Franklin, CEO of Colleges Ontario, said that “the benefits of a college education continue to be clear” but urged Ontario colleges to expand their 3-year and 4-year degree program offerings. Colleges Ontario also noted that “it will be important for the province to promote the value of college education as Ontario strives to address the youth unemployment and underemployment challenges.”  The full report further breaks down the results by college.

TCS Insights: The province of Ontario continues to tout the ability to meet college graduates with job opportunities soon after they complete their studies. International students looking to remain in Canada for a time after their academic experience ends should consider fulfilling their studies in Ontario.