UGC wants credit system in colleges

Dec 21, 2012 by

Source: The Time of India via PwC – EdLive

The UGC has reminded all colleges in the state to implement the choice-bad credit and semester system (CBCSS)
at the earliest, as it will be linked with accreditation as well as UGC funding. Incidentally, a committee appointed by the Kerala State Higher Education Council (KSHEC) to study the implementation of CBCSS, had recommended a partial roll-back to the annual system. The letter, sent by the Joint Secretary of the UGC to all colleges stated that the UGC’s action plan for academic and administrative reforms during the XIth Plan should be implemented at the earliest. The action plan comprised aspects such as semester system, choice-based credit system, curriculum development, admission procedures and examination reforms. Also these reforms are necessary for the promotion of quality education. The KSHEC recommendations, based on the report of the Hridayakumari Committee, which was set up to study the working of the system and to suggest improvements, had given 11 recommendations based on its findings. It had also asked the government to modify the system.