Cox and Kings to roll out education tours in India

Dec 21, 2012 by

Source: Business Standard via PwC – EdLive

In a move that could transform Cox and Kings Ltd’s tour business in India and also the way subjects such as history and geography are taught in the country’s schools, the travel company is set to introduce education tours in India. The move, part of the company’s plans to integrate its European business model with the domestic market, comes over a year after Cox and Kings acquired the UK-based Holidaybreak Plc for about 2,300 crore INR. Peter Kerkar, Executive Director, Cox and Kings, confirmed the move but ruled out large-scale acquisitions for now.

“Education tours will be rolled out next year in India and the company is developing a site within the country for its education tours,” told Kerkar. This will include both residential and leisure facilities and will follow strict European standards on health and safety.

However, Kerkar refused to outline the investment plan, but said the company expected 25% return on capital invested in developing this new business segment in India. Student tours cater to children under the age of 12 and activities include guided tours to historical monuments or science parks. Within Europe, education tours are an integral part of the curriculum and students take these trips and write reports at the end of tours. In India, such tours are not part of the education policy.