CARE Now Overseen by the Distinguished Gaurav Verma

May 9, 2013 by

CIEC welcomes Gaurav Verma, CIEC’s Project Coordinator, to the Executive Team. Gaurav is uniquely qualified to oversee CARE – CIEC’s Agent Membership category – contributing his vast experience of working with international students and in the Indian Agent market as well as valuable, active, working relations with over 40 ACCC colleges in Canada. Accredited to him is a unique method of working with the Sub Associate Network for the Indian Market keeping a student-centric approach to expand, generate, and maximize results. His knowledge of Education Management, International Student Recruitment, and Marketing has proven a valuable contribution to CIEC and will have a lasting effect on serving and assisting Canadian and Indian education stakeholders.

The much-lauded CARE Initiative is designed to bring transparency to the agent sector in India by promoting the CARE Standards.  CARE is supported by CIEC’s member institutions, including Canadian Colleges & Universities, and is poised to soon become the benchmark in establishing standards for counselors and agents promoting Canadian education in India. CARE Recognition will be granted by an impartial and knowledgeable Membership Committee, comprised of academic experts representing 3 major Canadian Colleges as well as CIEC staff.

CARE serves as a cost-effective way for education agents to gain exposure, establish their credentials, and distinguish themselves in the exciting Canada-India education corridor.  Agents wishing to strategically position themselves in an increasingly fierce and competitive international environment are invited to become an CARE Recognized Member of the Canada India Education Council.

For a full list of CARE benefits, click here.

You can contact Gaurav Verma at to request an Application Form.