2013 Developments in Ontario Online Learning

Jan 10, 2014 by

Source: Contact North News Release, Courtesy of Academica | January 8, 2014

A research associate for online education network Contact North has released a review of the developments in online learning in Ontario in 2013. In the review, Tony Bates focuses on: what happened to the MOOC this year, the increasing number of online learning strategies at Ontario’s universities and colleges, the transition of online learning being the responsibility of a few to being included in most departments and faculties, the increased use of hybrid learning, a greater push from government to use online learning to enhance teaching and learning, and the rise of open educational resources. “Let’s hope 2014 will see a more focused approach on using online learning and learning technologies in general to improve productivity while maintaining or increasing the quality of postsecondary education,” concludes Bates.

TCS Insights: This article outlines the rise in online learning in Ontario colleges and universities and the goals of the government continue this trend. Indian institutions can look to this example to continue their effort to make educational resources more accessible to students.