UGC hints at a separate board for undergraduate education

Feb 15, 2013 by

Source: The Times of India via PwC – EdLive

In a questionnaire sent out to colleges and universities, the UGC asked, among other things, whether it would be ‘appropriate to have a state board of undergraduate education on the lines of CBSE or school boards or an undergraduate board in each university’, so that varsities can focus on postgraduate education and research.

The UGC is trying to overhaul the process of college affiliation and ensure that more colleges benefit from its funding. In its questionnaire, the UGC has asked colleges and universities to list reforms that can be introduced to improve the education system. It feels that colleges are being neglected by universities. Out of the 33,000-odd colleges in the country, only 7,000 are recognised by the UGC and receive funds for the development. Most colleges do not have permanent affiliation, which is why they are losing out. The exercise is to get many more colleges under the UGC’s purview.