School enrolment rate up

Apr 1, 2013 by

Source: The Times of India

GURGAON: The dropout rate at primary and upper primary levels in government schools in Haryana is reportedly 1% and 2% respectively while the gross enrolment ratio has considerably improved.

The government has taken steps to ensure that basic facilities including uniform, text books and work books are available to children in the age group of 6-14 years. State education minister Geeta Bhukkal said social mobilization programmes have been started in Mewat district to encourage enrolment and ensure every child in the area goes to school. Programmes such as Jajba-e-Taleem and Dastak-e-Taleem have recently been started in the district, under which members of school management committees, NGOs and eminent citizens conducted door-to-door survey to ensure 100% enrolment of students in schools.

Another programme, ‘Pravesh Utsav’, has also been launched in all the government schools across the state for the enrolment, retention and transition of students for classes I, VI, IX and XI. The target is to bring all children in the age group of 6-18 years in the mainstream of education. The school management committees (SMCs) have been constituted in all the schools in Haryana and funds are being directly transferred to SMCs for decentralization of power and their strengthening.

Bhukkal said all private schools in the state must have certificate of registration as per RTE norms. All such schools have been asked to get themselves recognized and after the implementation of RTE Act, recognition is compulsory for all private schools.

The Haryana State Teachers Selection Board has been established for regular and timely recruitment of teachers. As many as 8,403 junior basic trained (JBT) teachers and 1,910 masters have recently been posted in schools across the state. Recruitment of 9,870 JBT teachers is under underway. Apart from this, rationalization of JBT teachers as per RTE norms has also been done for improving the quality of education as well as maintaining the right student-teacher ratio.