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Types of Membership

You can choose to become one of the three types of members on the CIEC council:

Academic Members: Stand alone academic Institutions, satellite campuses of the ‘home’ campus and other campuses engaged in the delivery of education and/or associated in the Academic sector in Canada and/or India are eligible as independent academic members.

Corporate Members: Shall be trade, business and professional organizations associated within the education and professional life of Canada and/or India but NOT academic institutions.

Agent Members: Shall be international recruitment agencies and established self-employed counselors offering recruitment services to Canadian colleges and universities. To learn more about the benefits of agent membership, click here.  If you would like to become an iCARE Recognized Agent Member, please contact us.

Click here to become an Academic or Corporate CIEC Member (full membership).

Click here to become an Associate CIEC Member (open to Indian and Canadian academic institutions. Membership includes a 1-year FREE listing on the CIEC website).


Cost of Membership

Academic and Corporate Membership Fee Structure:
$100/mo. x 12 = $1,200 for a one-year membership
$100/mo. x 24 = $2,400 for a two-year membership
$100/mo. x 36 = $3,600 for a three-year membership


Membership Eligibility
CIEC members will be only those accredited academic institutions and/or members of national bodies in either country to ensure the highest level of integrity and transparency in quality. Education Consultants/Agents/Counsellors will be screened using a third party validation process to be considered for membership.

Please note that to be an academic member, educational institutions have to be eligible to use the Imagine Education au/in Canada brand. Please click here for a directory of brand authorized schools in Canada.

Click here to become a CIEC Academic or Corporate Member.


Benefits of Membership

Use of Rep Office(s) in India (save $100/days used):
The ‘rep’ offices can be used by the members for recruiting, conducting student interviews, maintaining alumni relations, meeting partners, fundraising and/or conducting research development. This will help institutions establish a ‘permanent’ on-the-ground presence and get closer to the world’s premier student market. Institutions brochures and other collaterals can also be displayed and be available for distribution.

Discounted registration at Annual Synergy Conference and other CIEC events: Ed-Mission, unFAIR:
CIEC members will receive member rates at regularly scheduled seminars, Annual Conference, recruiting events other partnership building exercises held throughout the year. CIEC members will receive 1 (or more) complimentary registration based on membership category to the much touted Synergy conference which brings together stakeholders from the education community of both countries.

FREE listing (with clickable link and detailed profile) on CIEC’s website (value $600/year)
The CIEC website is positioning itself to become the hub of India-Canada academic relations which will attract visits by Universities, Colleges, Governments, agents, high school counsellors and students from both countries. This link will provide excellent coverage and exposure for CIEC members.

One-call telephone access ‘On the ground’ expertise:
CIEC members will have access to dedicated phone numbers in India & Canada to support member activities and on-the-ground assistance in both countries.

CIEC members will have an opportunity to hold private or public receptions and/or host delegations from India or Canada on their campus (on a first come basis). CIEC will also conduct an annual Conference in either country to felicitate a distinguished member of the ‘Canada-India’ education community with an award, citation and recognize efforts made by trail blazers in this dynamic and vibrant corridor.

$1Million Scholarship giveaway:
Several optional ‘members only’ activities are in the planning stages such as the $1Million scholarship giveaway where we will offer up to 10 Colleges/Universities an opportunity to promote themselves via this initiative and generate an unprecedented and spectacular media frenzy in India.

On site visits:
Every member will be visited at least once a year by CIEC executives to allow for 2 way flow of information, conduct membership feedback, set and review expectations, share updates and ‘feel the pulse’ from front line academic professionals and exchange best practices for general marketing and offer advertising advice and assistance.

Partner event promotions:
By promoting partner’s activities (recruiting events/Conferences) and/or negotiating for pavilions at key events, CIEC members will be better positioned to have a presence be better informed. The CIEC website will feature an event section listing partner activities. The CIEC database currently consists of over 19,000 administrators and education experts from both countries and regular e-mail notifications| newsletters will be sent.

Invite to attend ‘Familiarization Tours’:
CIEC members from India will have an opportunity to participate in familiarization visits to Canada to better acquaint them with the Canadian education landscape and experience life as a student at participating institutions campuses.

‘Yatra’ or Journey:
This optional short term ‘internship’ in India program is being developed with key business organizations and corporations to enable Canadian students to spend up to 6 weeks pre/post graduation interning in India, absorbing business practices and decision making in one of the world’s predominant economies.

Stay connected:
Attend webinars conducted by renowned experts in the education field with an intimate knowledge of recent and relevant activities. Remain updated with regular e-mail newsletters delivered to over 19,000 professionals within the ‘Canada-India education corridor’.


Benefits of Agent Membership

Undergoing the iCARE process and becoming a CIEC Agent Member means validation and recognition of your expertise and ethical business practice. Students, Canadian academic institutions, visa offices and Canadian government bodies look for trusted agents recognized by their peers.

Universities are keen to employ agents who can be trusted to uphold their image and will represent them honestly and efficiently. Students, visa offices, and government bodies also seek established agents who have built a name and reputation for themselves.

iCARE recognition represents transparency, ability and experience. Once approved as an iCARE recognized agent, you will be recognized as an ethical, trusted professional. Canada India Education Council (CIEC) and our iCARE agent membership approval process (iCARE) is the only one of its kind operating exclusively in the burgeoning Canada-India education corridor.

iCARE regognition is vital for expanding your business prospects in Canada. To learn about the many benefits of becoming an iCARE Agent, click here.


Benefits of Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship is $2500 for the following benefits:

  • 2 event registrations (Value ~$800)
  • 1 VIP seat at lunch table
  • Logo on menu. agenda, and screen (when not in use)
  • Recognition from the podium
  • Distribution of 1 piece of collateral/article or souvenir with event kit

Please contact CIEC for more information.