Mandatory accreditation for polytechnic institutes mooted

Dec 21, 2012 by

Source: The Times of India via PwC – EdLive

If the HRD Ministry has its way, polytechnic institutions in the country will soon be required to undergo mandatory accreditation and assessment by an industry-sponsored agency recognised by the AICTE. The state boards of technical education will be involved in such rating exercises.
As of now, the National Board of Accreditation assesses the courses offered by polytechnics, but the process is not mandatory. The rating from such assessment is given to individual courses and not to the institutions. The Ministry plans to implement reforms such as textbooks for polytechnic subjects in vernacular languages, information and communication technology-enabled classrooms, mentoring polytechnics by established colleges or universities, dual- track education involving mandatory apprenticeship with the industry and a shift from the examination-based assessment and evaluation system to the continuous competency-based assessment.