Hon. Pierre S. Pettigrew, PC, Introduces the Canada India Education Council (CIEC)

By Hon. Pierre S. Pettigrew, PC

Welcome to the Canada India Education Council.  Our objective is to facilitate conversation & co-operation in the Canada-India education corridor. CIEC promotes education ties between Canada and India through recruiting opportunities, partnerships, joint ventures & programming, and organizing trade delegations, to name a few.  CIEC advises and aids institutions wishing to conduct academic linkages or exchange programs and connects potential students with reputable sources of information about the merits of an education or exchange program in either country.

The council serves as a forum for exchange of information and views between education providers, academics and associates from both countries.  CIEC aims to create a ‘clearing house’ of information and boasts a highly potent and interactive database that can be utilized to benefit members in both countries and update users of key events.

CIEC actively uses social networking tools to foster awareness and the development of an ‘academic community’ for sharing of information between academia, students, agents, high school counsellors and other like-minded groups to ‘connect’ with each other.

CIEC delivers value and engages member Institutions through shared sector updates and potential opportunities, actively soliciting feedback, and offering tailored solutions to suit each member’s goals and needs.

CIEC’s newest initiative is the much-lauded Agent Membership category: CARE – Indian Canadian Academic Advisors Representing Excellence.  CARE promotes transparency and ethical business practice in the international student recruitment market.  It is designed to act as a means for agencies that recruit students to Canadian accredited colleges, universities and other educational institutions to assess their services and ultimately fulfill their goal of providing a level of service that is at par with the expectations of students and Canadian academic institutions.

Agents are evaluated on their compliance with ‘CARE Standards’ through rigorous management and staff self-assessments, reference checks, and site visits.  The grueling CARE Process and mandatory training Increases agent awareness about the types of courses and institutions as well as different education options in Canada.

CARE – Recognized Agent Members shall be education agencies that have successfully undergone the CARE Process and have been approved for membership by the Membership Committee.  They have demonstrated their dedication to providing students and academic institutions ethical, quality education consulting services.

CARE offers regulation for the burgeoning education agency / consulting sector in India, meets the need for a consolidated database of ‘Agents & Consultants,’ and Increases accountability and responsibility of ‘Agents & Consultants’ towards the students and Institutions they represent.

Agents acquire a recognized document to validate their organization`s willingness and continual effort to improve, gain exposure through online mediums & networking events, and remain informed about the latest developments in the ‘Canada-India education corridor’

We look forward to your support and invite you to join our network of academic insiders & institutions, businesses, agents and students so that together we may succeed in this vibrant education corridor.

CIEC is an independent national, not-for-profit, membership based, event driven organisation established to operate exclusively within the burgeoning Canada-India education corridor.