HEQCO Report Touts Benefits of Blended Learning

Feb 10, 2014 by

Source: HEQCO News Release | January 29, 2014

A new study by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO) provides further evidence that combining online and in-class teaching methods (known as blended learning) gives students more flexibility. The study, which examined students in 3 first-year social science courses at McMaster University, found that 80% of students used the blended learning modules on a repeat basis — most often from their personal computers at their leisure. Instructors expressed that because students had learning materials in advance, in-class time could be better focused on interaction, assignments and assessments, and students were less anxious in busy lab environments.

TCS Insights: With an increased emphasis on a blended learning style, students have the opportunity to not only come to classes prepared with notes but keep up to date with their studies while off campus.  This can be beneficial to international students who find themselves outside of Canada for extended amounts of time as well.