Drop in student applications for foreign education

Feb 15, 2013 by

Source: www.forcesindia.com via PwC – EdLive

In recent times, the emerging trend indicates that Indian students are reconsidering their options to study abroad. Indians applying to universities in the US, the UK and Australia (all popular student destinations over the past several years) for the 2012-2013 academic year have dropped, compared to the previous academic year. The US has seen a drop of 3.5%. This is being seen as a result of the volatility of the rupee against the dollar, which has increased the cost of a degree in an American university by 20 to 30%. Although official figures for the UK are yet to be released, a fall of 25% is expected next year. Stricter visa norms that no longer allow non-EU students to work in the country for two years after graduating have been the dampener. Australia has seen the steepest drop in Indian applications i.e., 25%. Racist violence has tarnished the image of the once-popular student destination.