100 community colleges planned to plug education and skills gap

Nov 26, 2012 by

Source: Hindu Business Line via PwC – EdLive

In a rapidly changing world, India’s demographic potential is increasingly in the limelight. However, the Minister for Human Resource Development, Kapil Sibal highlighted the importance of skilling and educating this growing ‘young’ population to ensure that the potential for success does not become a recipe for disaster. To optimise the potential in the country, Sibal said the Ministry will institute 100 community colleges in the country, of which 10 would be in collaboration with the Association of Canadian Community Colleges. These colleges will impart education as well as vocational skills to adult illiterates. Sibal said that the country has over 400 million individuals in the age group of 0-14 and another 100 million in the 14-18 years bracket.