Over Half of Canada’s International Students Want to Stay After Graduation

Source: Study International

The results of a recent survey suggest that more than 60% of students who come to Canada to complete their post-secondary education hope to become permanent residents of ‘The Great White North’ after they graduate.

While pathways to citizenship currently exist for international students, both the government and various institutions feel more can be done. In the coming years, an increased number of employment opportunities, international programs and scholarships will be made available to help make these students feel more at home while they study abroad in Canada.

For further details on the study, visit Study International.

India Provides $2M in Scholarships for PhD Students Wishing to Study at UBC

Source: UBC News via Academica

India has committed close to $2M to fund scholarships for students who want to study science and engineering at UBC. The program was developed with India’s Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) and will provide $96,000 each to 20 PhD students from India to cover their living expenses while at UBC. The agreement, reportedly the first of its kind to be signed between SERB and a Canadian university, was conceived of by UBC President Arvind Gupta during a recent trade mission to India. “This scholarship will bring some of India’s bright, young talent to UBC,” said Gupta. “I hope this is the first of many collaborations with the Science and Engineering Research Board to create new opportunities for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and young scholars in both of our countries.” The program will run from 2016–17 to 2020–21.

HEC Montréal Receives $1M Donation to Create Professorship and Scholarships

Source: HEC Montréal News via Academica | December 15, 2014

Lallemand Inc has donated $1 M to HEC Montréal to create the Lallemand – Marcel and Roland Chagnon Fund. The donation will help establish a professorship in international business and international exchange and entrepreneurship scholarships to further strengthen HEC Montréal’s global business research and initiatives. Research conducted in the Department of International Business enables Quebec businesses to create and maintain global business networks. “By encouraging access to higher studies through scholarships, Lallemand is paving the way for international success for future managers fascinated by the interdependence of nations, the strategic issues related to internationalization and innovation, and global social development,” said HEC Montréal Director Michel Patry. The donation was made as part of the Campus Montréal fundraising campaign.

Political Deadlock

NDTV News, Ahmedabad, March 2011

As of 2009, The Union Government had assigned 10 crore rupees for minority students in Gujarat. Students who have not previously completed Grade 10 and whose parents earn less than 1 lakh annually were eligible for scholarships worth Rs. 800 – 1500 a month. About 52,000 could qualify. However, due to politicking between BJP and Congress, thousands of students are robbed of life-changing opportunities. Let us hope that this issue gets solved in the favor of innocent minority people of Gujarat.