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Synergy 2014: Call for Proposals


In keeping with past ‘Synergy’ events (organized since 2007) which have tended to attract thought leaders from leading Colleges and Universities, we invite you to participate and add to the ongoing dialogue between academics of both countries.  In order to expand this ‘dynamic and burgeoning’ corridor, we need to constantly share ideas on new initiatives and best practices.  Sessions at ‘Synergy’ are intended to encourage frank and candid discussion and allow  sharing of experiences and an understanding on what works (and what doesn’t) via a medium of workshops, presentations and panel discussions in areas such as Student Advising;  Working with Agents; Exchange programs; Internship/International co-op’s and Recruitment & Admissions. 


Topics that may be of interest to you as you develop your arguments while keeping the overarching theme in mind are:
  • Immigration – visa issues/delays arising in particular visa offices
  • Marketing Canada as a favorable destination to Indian students
  • Admission process – tips & obstacles for attracting top Indian students to Canada
  • Recruitment strategies. Use of Agents? Which fairs to attend?
  • Avoiding ‘problems’ faced by competitor countries such as racism/ discrimination
  • Diversity training for faculty & staff as they prepare for large numbers of Indian students on campus
  • Student retention & the College-University transfer system.  Is it broken, perfect or simply needs some work?

Attendees at past ‘Synergy’ Conferences have tended to be senior level administrators and academics from both countries and your presentation should take that into consideration. You can make a safe assumption that they have a basic knowledge of and | or are already involved in the ‘Canada India education corridor’.  We would also like to ask that you refrain from purposeful advertising while at the same time feel free to mention your institution name or affiliation.

Finally, please indicate the length of your presentation | workshop (45, 60 or 90 minutes) and specify if you require AV and/or other technical equipment.   A laptop, projector & screen will be made available.


Potential Criteria for Choosing Presentations: 
  1. Clearly outline the context for the presentation, the target audience it wishes to address and should have a direct relevance to current issues relating to the theme/title of your presentation.
  2. Presentation should have a good mix of obvious practical applications and identify whether it is suitable for newcomers or geared toward experienced professionals.
  3. Present a clear argument & articulate your position (for or against & have moderator sum up the ‘round table’).


Please a 50 word (mini) session description to by Aug 29,2014 along with your session title and names of co-presenters (if any)  and we will follow up/notify you if we have questions.  All (co) presenters and panelists will receive discounted registration fee at the member rate.

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