Introduction to iCARE

Introducing iCARE:  Indian Academic Advisors Representing Excellence

iCARE is a simple, inclusive process that:

  • Strategically positions agents in an increasingly fierce and competitive international environment
  • Provides them the resources to succeed in the Canada-India education corridor
  • Promotes ethical student recruitment by encouraging agents to evaluate their business practice and recognizes them for their efforts

As a CIEC Member, you will:

Next Steps

  1. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Member of the Council.
  2. Learn more about the simple iCARE process
  3. Receive a Free Pre-Screening & find out if you are eligible for membership within 10 business days

CIEC is proud to announce our select group of Agent Members and invites agents across India to become a recognized Agent Member (iCARE) of the Council and join the CIEC Network today.

New iCARE Benefit to Agents & Academic Institutions

After receiving feedback from academic institutions across Canada, Agent Members (iCARE) will be recognized on the CIEC website for their record of engagement with Academic Institutions.  CIEC will conduct academic reference checks and publicize the agency’s average score in key areas to our Academic Members.  This allows academic institutions across Canada the means to conduct peer-reviews of education agents and solidifies & publicizes CIEC Agent Members’ commitment to ethical and quality student recruitment.

Student Recruitment Sector Snapshot

Globally, student interest in postsecondary education is increasing at the same time as Canadian community colleges and universities are seeking greater internationalization and showing a keen interest to seek foreign students and partnerships around the globe.  The time is therefore right to forge closer links between Canadian institutions and their foreign counterparts, both in the area of student recruitment and also in forging partnerships, affiliations, joint programming and facilitating an exchange of faculty & scholars.

To further strengthen the partnership(s), CIEC has launched a much lauded and highly anticipated Agent Membership Category called ‘iCARE’ (Indian-Canadian Academic Advisors Representing Excellence) designed to act as an means for agencies that recruit students to Canadian accredited colleges, universities and other educational institutions to, with the help of CIEC and its Membership Committee, assess their services and ultimately fulfill their goal of providing a level of service that is at par with the expectations of students and Canadian academic institutions.

iCARE is supported by CIEC’s member institutions which includes Canadian Colleges & Universities and is poised to soon become the benchmark & establish standards for counselors and agents promoting Canadian education in India.  Agent Membership (iCARE) will be granted by the CIEC Executive Team in consultation with the impartial Membership Committee, comprised of academic experts representing 3 major Canadian Colleges.

Students, Canadian academic institutions, visa offices and Canadian government bodies look for trusted agents recognized by their peers.  Universities are keen to employ agents who can be trusted to uphold their image and will represent them honestly and efficiently.

The CARE Standards represent transparency, ability and experience.  By becoming an Agent Member of the Council, you add your voice to the across-the board support for ethical student recruitment and gain exposure amongst key education players.   CIEC’s Agent Membership (iCARE) is the only one of its kind operating exclusively in the burgeoning Canada-India education corridor and aims to expand our agents’ business prospects in Canada.

iCARE serves as a cost-effective way for education agents to gain exposure, establish their credentials, and distinguish themselves in the exciting Canada-India education corridor.  Agents wishing to strategically position themselves in an increasingly fierce and competitive international environment are invited to become an iCARE Recognized Member of the Canada India Education Council.

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